If you are interested in becoming a teen model or have already started teen modeling, you must stay on top of your appearance. They say that looks are only skin deep, but if you are a teen model, you have to take care of your appearance from the inside out!

Health and fitness are crucial elements to keep in mind if you want to build a successful career as a teen model. Your face and body are your selling point (although a great personality helps too!), so you should do your best to keep them in good shape. Teen models should eat a good healthy diet, have a good skincare routine, and exercise regularly.

Another thing that will pay off for teen models is making sure you get enough “beauty sleep.” While it’s tempting to stay up late to watch your favorite TV show or on the phone, getting a good night’s sleep helps your body repair itself. It also helps keep your skin looking fresh and prevent unsightly bags under the eyes – which modeling agencies are sure to put off!

Staying in shape as a teen model

So you need to keep your body in shape to succeed in the teen modeling market – but what does this mean? If you think you need to work out for hours a day or pump iron at the gym every night, don’t worry – you don’t need to do that intensively and, as you are still growing and developing, it’s probably a good one—the idea not to go crazy. But regular exercise will help you as a teen model.

To keep yourself slim and toned, you only need to exercise for about 20 minutes a day or a few longer sessions a week. Running, swimming, dancing, and soccer are all great ways to keep your teen model looking perfect.

Whatever exercise you do should be done alongside a healthy diet, so watch what you eat, too. Even a teenage model should enjoy a burger or fizzy drink now and then, enjoying these treats in moderation. Instead, focus on eating white meat (chicken or turkey), fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta. Eating a balanced diet will keep your energy levels stable, and life as a teenage model can be a busy one, so the more energy you have, the better.

fresh face

Finally, every teenage model should drink a lot – no, not sweet fizzy drinks or alcohol! Ask anyone in the teen modeling industry for their top teen modeling tip, and they’ll likely answer “water.” Water helps to detoxify your body, keeps you hydrated, and helps to keep your complexion clear – glowing skin is a must in the teen modeling world! Water is an important part of your skincare regimen and helps keep your skin fresh. You still need to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face every morning and night for that ‘fresh-faced’ look that’s so crucial to teen modeling, but eight glasses of water a day will also help hydrate your body from within.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can rest assured that you are giving yourself the very best help in your teenage modeling career. Keep it up!